10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lost weight over Thanksgiving, must have been the prayer

Down another .2 of a pound from yesterday. It's much easier to be careful when you don't eat half the things on the table. Weight loss by vegetarianism. Unfortunately there was no actual turkey in those cupcakes and I ate one. I have another with me for after lunch, if I can hold out. Unlikely.

I'm at work all day today to help the two people that actually know we're open. So, obviously, I'm doing a bit of shopping. So far it's all for me, but the discovery channel store does have a rad robot making kit I might have to get for the nephew. I've been buying myself a lot of clothes. I picked up some workout gear wednesday which has been the worthiest purchase so far, the rest has been jeans and t-shirts and other things that I can't wear to work but apparently have to have to sustain life. Nothing like mass returns to the Gap in the holiday season. If they didn't love me before we'll be bffs after this nonsense.

So I opened with my tiny loss of .2 pounds but I want to bring it up again because it seems weird to me to lose so much and not have exercised at all this week. My dream thought is that all the excellent muscle I gained the last few weeks is doing it's magic and burning lots of calories. I think my cold is gone so I'll definitely be working out tonight. Should I be alarmed of the facts? I never had a scale so detailed as to know how much I lost in a week, exactly. It's about a pound this week, which is well under the recommended danger zone of 2 pounds a week. After so much stagnation I guess I'm just skeptical. Is my month of hardass work finally paying off? Will I now be screwed because I didn't workout this week? Will Matt eat the rest of the cupcakes before I get home if I ask him to? Life is so full of unanswered questions.

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Lauren said...

hey there, congrats on the loss. I'll be in Maine on February 3rd and I'll leave Massachusetts on February 15th.