10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feed a cold

When I was gone for two whole days Matt was really sick. He said he thought it was because I was away and he was worrying about me. Awww. But now I'm sick too and I'm thinking his nostalgia was a by-product of the virus. He just wanted points to make up for when he said he'd get me a meat thermometer for my birthday and I said I'd stab him with it. Young love!

I'm feeling like crap except that I'm another .2 pounds down. Woohoo for starve a fever! In lieu of exercising last night I built my bookcase, I'm calling it cardio on Spark. Pick up the piece and pound in the dowel, pick up the next piece pound in that dowel, it was just like aerobics without the perky instructor. I don't know how I got it done, just typing it makes me want to take a nap. Which I can't do because tonight I have to take a bath in bleach and do my Thanksgiving baking, so as not to infect the family.

I'm making turkey cupcakes, which I think will be the funnest, and a pumpkin cheesecake to impress Matt's mom and grandma. If you hit the cupcake link you'll see that it's a whole wheat, low fat recipe. I've never tried it and it's not in my plan (I'm making chocolate) but it might be worth a shot if you like pumpkin and whole wheat baking. Let me know if you do, I love pumpkin anything...but I thought two of the same dessert would be overkill.

Now I'm off to look dolefully at my soup until my lunch break is over and then pour it down the sink. Maybe I'll just make some tea. I don't think I'm sick enough to be so repulsed by food but it could work to my advantage tomorrow. A reason to not be glutten that has nothing to do with dieting and guilt and body image would be like Christmas come early.

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