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Monday, November 05, 2007

"Careful, you don't want to train them to eat flesh"

My boyfriend is broken. One of the many manly things he did yesterday caused a very bad thing to happen to his back. Which is bad for him, but good for me. How? How could I be glad that he's broken? because he wants to take up Pilates. He says "I want to strengthen the muscles in my lower back, Pilates does that right?". Another convert, I'm so pleased. I'll have to get him a tall person mat...when he can walk again.

Everyone is griping about daylight savings time. It was strangely light when we drove to work today and Matt is all kinds of pissed that it will be dark while we're driving home. He won't be able to do any of his body breaking things, the horror. I hate the dark too but pretty much this is Maine, it's dark and it's cold and soon it will be even darker and colder. I'm pretty much grumpy about the disruption of my snack schedule. My stomach says it's snack o'clock and my brain says it's almost lunch time so just wait you won't die o'clock. Damn you daylight savings.

I missed out on the novelty of having a whole extra hour of sunday because the power was out. I still had that hour, but there was no music to listen to or movies to watch, or, you know, heat in which to enjoy it. I was just deciding how I could cook 2 tuna steaks, some salmon, cod, an entire chicken and some beef tips before the entire freezer got it's rot on, when the power came back on around dinner. If it was January I'd just take it all outside but damn, it's not that cold and I was just thinking there's no way I could cook the Noah's Ark of freezer contents in one night let alone get it eaten. And then Matt says "Oh, if you were worried about it we could put the generator on". Forget the expensive ass Trader Joe's meat products, I could have lost my Haagen Dasz Coconut Sorbet! I haven't tried it yet but I know it's delicious. There are somethings you just know, with your soul, ya' know? And with 100 less calories per serving than their ice cream. I should be glad that the worst wasn't realized and I didn't spend my evening eating sorbet surrounded by rotting meat in the dark. The sorbet part doesn't sound so bad though.


pinky pinkerson said...

I was just thinking there's no way I could cook the Noah's Ark of freezer contents in one night


Lauren said...

ah yes, winter in Maine. I was all set to recommend a generator but then you wrote about it. tee hee. Man, sometimes I don't get how an itty bitty generator can make all that stuff work, it's crazy.

Me said...

In Britain we do the clock changing thing, but apparently here they don't, which has saved me a great deal of being late to classes.

Amy said...

Apparently I buy two of everything...except unicorns.

Matt's generator is huge actually..hehehe..but it is neat what they can do.

I've been early to work the last few days too, my brain is awake at 4 now instead of 5. Sadly.