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Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Ass-kicking makes a solid Plan B."

Even though it kicks my ass I'm totally in love with home kickboxing class. It's actually a lot like the self defense class I took in college only without the ennui of liberal arts students being forced to exercise at 8am. I'm sort of amazed at how much I remember about using the body's natural motion and twisting to get more power. Self-defense was the most popular gym class and since it was a requirement (morons) you wanted to take a good class and not two semesters of general conditioning or something. It strikes me now, five years later, that it wouldn't have been the worst thing to have taken aerobics and actually burned some calories. It's a little late to be righteous now.

While I'm on the path of righteousness, what is the deal with the capri-sun flavored water product? Matt and I did end up doing some grocery shopping last night and the mom in front of us had a giant pack of this capri sun water. The website says "from borin' to roarin'" because there's nothing worse than giving your kid water for lunch. Why have water when you can have 35 crap calories instead? Something about it just struck a nerve. Some kids don't have clean water to drink and we have to give ours flavored sweetened water to convince them to drink it.

There was an article on fark this morning about sugar in Maine schools. It's the usual blame the vending machines for our fat children stuff but there was one good line about adults leading by example. What are we teaching kids when they can't have candy in the vending machine but teachers can have bowls of it on their desks? I don't want to put the blame on teachers because they take enough of the brunt of raising children but all adults who have an impact on children should be on notice.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Kicking real people does sound like a lot of fun! However, it might entail being kicked back in return, so I'll probably stick with my boring old aerobic routine. But I do admire you ass-kickers.

Amy said...

Some how it never occurred to me there would be kicking back.

Lauren said...

I can't wait until I'm back in the states so I can take kickboxing classes assuming I've lost enough weight and my knee hasn't just abandoned me in the middle of the night.