10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Ain't no use running fool, I know where your mama parks your house."

Lauren, a true Mainer, was going to suggest a generator. Matt, a true whatever he is, is building a windmill. Maybe Dutch, he could be truly Dutch. He's always wanted a windmill. Every windstorm that passes makes him a little more determined. He's been channelling his inner Tesla for awhile now. Originally he wanted to rig the generator to be bio-diesel and back feed so the Hydro would have to pay us to burn vegetable oil, but now he's into the windmill thing...mostly because it will piss off the town. He's got this need to build everything he ever wanted before the state makes it all illegal, like our boiler. They want to make it illegal to burn recycled oil for heat because...uhm it's better for the earth...it makes us independent of the oil company...oh yeah, it doesn't make the state any money. Lucky we're grandfathered. Not that I'm bitter.

What I am bitter about is that I ate three cupcakes yesterday. Three. And since I can't blame the state for that, I'm blaming daylight savings time. How am I supposed to know what it's feeding time at the zoo when they change the damn clocks. It couldn't possibly be my fault. I'm a cupcake victim here. A frosting martyr.

I used to be so good at the intuitive thing. Hungry? eat something appropriate. I think the minute I tell myself I can wait, I don't need to eat right now is the minute my plan goes to hell. I've been bouncing between "eat at regular intervals as told by clock" and "eat as needed" and you really can't operate both systems at once with success. I don't think the clock way is ever successful and yet I am always using it as a guide. Is the clock omniscient? Does it think I need more iron?

I thought I was doing really well. My thing as of late is to stuff myself with vegetables and fruit whenever I'm hungry. The cupcake three came out of left field on a sort of wacky day and I'm dissapointed at how dissapointed I am. They're just cupcakes, sure you didn't need three but...but that's the attitude that keeps me where I don't want to be. No one needs three cupcakes in a day, not ever. Next time if I'm still hungry after my lunch, I'm taking my three bucks to Subway and getting a sandwich. Atleast there'd be vegetables in it, even iceburg lettuce has a better reputation than three cupcakes.


pinky pinkerson said...

I think it must have been something in the atmosphere yesterday - I had a bad experience with halloween candy, probably the first time in almost six months that I have really felt not quite in control of what I was eating. I hate that.

Siv Bente said...

Three cupcakes are bad, but I have never been able to stop there.
What I'm trying to say is: Stay strong! You come a long way. I am proud of you.

Amy said...

You think we can blame it all on yesterday and just move on? That would be awesome!

I left something for you, en espanol.

Lauren said...

I don't know if I can be considered a TRUE Mainer as I wasn't born there and there has been much dispute, but I am at least part mainer as that is where my mail goes. lol. You are doing well, everyone has a day that goes to cupcake hell once in a while.

Amy said...

This is true, if you're not related to your whole town you probably aren't a mainer. I'm from New Hampshire, might as well be the moon.