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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Chairman Meow is a big cat. She's a Maine Coon, a breed reknowned for their largess. They're meant to be big, it's their job, and the Chairman is no slouch. My friends in Maryland both have cats, tiny little delicate creatures with sleek coats. Those three cats take up the space of my one cat, less when her fur is ruffled. They're always asking after my "big fat cat" and I always say "she's not fat, she's big furred". I used to think that I had a large frame and I'd never be smaller than a twelve, no matter how skinny I was. The dread big bones excuse.

It turns out I have itty bitty bones, they're just covered in fat. And muscle, I know there's a lot of muscle too, but mostly the fat. Remember that time I said I'd never be a size 8? I really believed it then, that my bones were huge and unwieldy and not fit for such a small size. I need to spend less time thinking because I'm not that far from becoming a size 8. There are no Mammoth genes hidden in my DNA. Just about 20 pounds of fat to burn off. I almost wish I could keep deluding myself that my bones are huge and my body is meant to be big and it's ok to eat all the time because I have to keep up my strength.

I can't believe it's only thursday and my big "eat the fruit!" challenge is almost over. I'm not sure how well it's going. Does eating three bananas and a pomegranate on friday night count as success? It's been sort of a weird week weight wise and I'm not sure how to categorize it. I wanted to have glowing success by tomorrow but I've had some bumps in my road. On monday my bestfriend's sister was here to visit for a possible move, so we had lunch out. I had to take her somewhere good, it would be excellent if they moved here. But that's nothing to last night's dinner at Pizza Hut.

Yes, Pizza Hut, I'm deeply shamed. We each had sort of a horrible day yesterday. I spilled the milk for my healthy Carnation Instant Lunch all over my new suede bag. I was out my lunch, all my stuff, and my new $8 dollar bag. Can you get milk stains out of suede? it seems not. You really can't get it out of mail or checkbooks either, Matt's bills got trashed...but I'm totally reusing the stamps, those bastards are expensive. And then home to no salmon defrosted for dinner. We didn't need pizza, particularly Pizza Hut pizza, but it felt right at the time. We had fun...and breadsticks, it was awesome. Sometimes it's nice to just let go, it's not a setback...it's just a pizza.

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PastaQueen said...

"big-furred" Heh! I'll have to remember that one. The first thing people always say when they see my cat is "That's a big cat." I always thought they were calling him fat, but it turns out he's fat and large. If there was a kitty basketball league he'd be their tallest player.