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Monday, October 29, 2007

"His blood sugar must be low. Carl, eat an orange!!!"

Something is up with me today because the only thing I can get excited about is hatchet murder. And it's very cold. And starting next week the sun will rise while I'm driving to work, and set while I'm driving home and why wait to be pissed off about that when I have all this free time today? I guess I'm a little grumpy today, I'm drinking some instant breakfast right now so if I'm writing puppies and sunshine by the end of this post we'll all know why. But what, it's only monday and a lot of things have gone wrong. In bullet form:

*It's not my fault you overdrew by 5000 dollars and got charged a load of fees. The bank sent you a letter on thursday that you overdrew. You got the letter friday. How can I get the letters out sooner, I dunno, I'm not psychic. Next time overdraw on wednesday, you'll get your letter sooner.

*"We can't change the date on this form, we have to go by this date and it's the wrong date, can you edit the date and make it the right date, I know I just said you can't but can you because then it would be fixed, you know, the dates have to be right."

*In a letter from Capital One: Dear Customer, you asked for more money and we won't give it to, sorry. Only I didn't ask for more money and when I called to see who was making requests on my behalf and how screwed up my account was you said it was a glitch. It's very bad for your credit score to be denied credit, especially if you didn't ask for it in the first place. This is where the hatchet murder comes in.

*Did I mention it's cold, I've been shaking all morning and the heat is at 11.

*Today was supposed to be a no candy day. It only took about twenty minutes of this, dare I say, crap to tempt me into one shiny wrapper and then another. Bite sized frozen Twix suck, and are no proper replacement for therapy or drunkenness.

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