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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"you have acres of time, in which to plant crops"

Dear Fashionistas,

I have need of your exalted wisdom in a very important matter. Is it appropriate to wear boots, calf height and mid range heel, with a skirt to a job interview?


Love, Amy

I'm just really not sure. It's for a museum, not a drab office, so I feel there is a little wiggle room but I don't want to wiggle myself out of an opportunity because I look a touch too bohemian. I also don't want to dress how I think someone who wants a job should dress. I'm not sure how to explain that. It sort of reminds me of college when I took a summer art class with one of my best friends. We could take free classes at the community college, as pampered private college ladies, so we did. Ours was a class full of characters: our teacher was flambouyant gay artist guy, we had a bottle raven haired goth guy, and generic athletic guy #5.

Generic athletic guy #5 was really very nice, nice in that he didn't ever beat us up or call us dykes to our face and in my experience you can't ask for much more than that from generic athletic guy. He would come in to class and talk about drinking the beer, watching the sports, doing the chicks and he was majoring in general studies and athletics. Hello generic athletic guy! Anyway, I feel like when I'm getting ready for an interview I look like Desperate Job Seeker # 8. I do not want to be Desperate Job Seeker #8. I want to be unique individual with talents and skills that dazzle and awe.

Can I dazzle and awe and wear boots? And a skirt? Because seriously, none of my pants fit right at the moment. Obviously I'm going to be shopping 'till I'm dropping this weekend, but I've found that desperate need is shopping kryptonite and I need a back-up plan. Or twelve. I'm seriously tired of shitty job interviews and I'm thinking that I need to be myself to sell myself. So, you lovely style mavens, help a girl out. To boot, or not to boot?


Mackenzie said...

Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and thought I would add my two cents: I think boots are fine, as long as the outfit is appropriate. But really, wear what you will feel confident in. If you feel good, you'll project good things and they'll want to hire you!

I wore calf-high boots with a skirt suit to an interview out of college because I had forgotten my pant suit and shoes in another state. It didn't make a difference, they still wanted me. So good luck and let yourself shine! :-)

Fat Runner Girl said...

It is true that you may have more wriggle room since it's not an office position, but I always think it's better to ere on the more cautious side when it comes to job interviews. Do you have a nice pair of heels or flats to wear with your outfit? If not I wouldn't worry too much about it, just try your best to exude professionalism and you'll be fine.