10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"What are you eating?" "It's a delicious biscuit?" "It's a coaster." "Is it, do we have anymore?"

of all things, it's tennis elbow. repetitive motion tennis elbow. i'm very glad it's not carpal tunnel, surgery would not be fun. what is bound to be a ton of fun, is dealing with the worker's comp. i bet hr will be really thrilled too because what better time to have an issue than when you're in the middle of a merger. which, since i brought it up, is starting to get interesting. we're expecting a visit next week from the new powers. we're not sure if we should hope to be busy or not, or if we should clean from top to bottom in preparation or because it'll made a cleaner getaway.

in other news i really want a sandwich. as i was walking back from the hospital everyone had these gorgeous deli sandwiches. they were also sitting on park benches and definitely on vacation and free of cares but the sandwiches are what stood out so i guess i'm hungry today. i could go get one but i'm just not hungry enough to justify it. i can wait till i am. sandwiches aren't exactly going extinct.

what might be going extinct is my non-illustrious running career. she's sending me to a specialist to check out my knee click. the one thing i casually threw out there she was the most concerned about. atleast i'll have some reassurance that things are ok or reassurance that it would be better if i just stuck to walking. i got the feeling she really didn't want me to stop running. like i'd weight six ton by october if i took it down a notch. i suppose it's her job to encourage active life styles, it's probably me on the fat defensive. like i have any reason to defend being fat when i couldn't have run a mile to save my life thirty pounds ago. anyway, she gave me some exercises to strenghten the muscles around my knees to keep the knee cap on the right track. which makes sense. i like thinking that i can fix the exercise problem with exercise. it's very circle of life.


Sugarcrook said...

Aren't carpal tunnel and tennis elbow essentially the same thing, just in different parts of the body?

Being a full-time coder, I fend off carpal tunnel with loads of B-complex vitamins. (Not my discovery. Got it from some dirt-munching, bark-licking hippie.) It actually works, and it's cheaper than co-pay.

Hope that helps.

Amy said...

it is sort of. b vitamins eh? i'll have to try that. then the bark licking.