10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Vampires. Always thinking with your teeth."

i didn't bring my scale in to work today because i forgot and not because i'm embarrassed of the cameras. a few more weeks and i just might remember. things from my list that i did do include, but are not limited to: keeping my bi-daily pilates date, ordering new and cushionier running sneakers (and also some new day shoes because hey! i wear my knees all the time, not just when i'm running!), and i changed up my diet to be a little less regimented. why be bored and hungry? i also signed up for that vegetarian cooking class which wasn't on my list but i'm still proud of myself for getin' 'r done.

i'm very happy about the cooking thing. i need a hobby, and i don't know if cooking counts as a hobby because you have to eat to survive, atleast it'll get me out of the house. the writing class was on the same night and i had to choose, so i chose cooking. i've also picked up some vegan cookbooks from the library. i'm not really thinking of going vegan but the recipes looked great and i can always use real cheese if i feel the need. there's a winter term for adult ed. so i can always do writing then, or stained glass art...it's a toss up.

i'm a little sad about the shoe thing. i love the shopping part, no doubt, but i have to replace a lot of my favorite shoes. it now seems obvious that i can't wear heels all day and complain about my knees like it's solely the fault of healthy exercise. it's so me to think a problem is caused by the one healthy thing i do instead of the many unhealthy things i do. i crack myself up. so, err, i'm ditching my shoe collection. ditching in the sense of not getting rid of them at all but just not wearing them very much. one of the things i liked about getting my skinny on was that i could wear heels all day and not have to saw off my feet of an evening. i have to accept that it's not healthy for my body and it doesn't help me to do the things i want to do. especially if i want to walk when i'm 60.

i was thinking it would save me some money if i kept my ass out of the shoe department. i thought that for about 8 seconds while i filled my zappos basket with earthy orthopedics. funny how i won't pay thirty bucks for flimsy heels but i'm all over hundred dollar squashies. these are the days i know for a fact i'm channelling my mother.


MayQueen said...

My mom took a cooking class last winter. She loved it. She almost cut the tip of her finger off chopping up some herbs, but her nail grew back so it's all good.

Amy said...

any story that ends in something growing back is a tale to take to heart.

Fat Runner Girl said...

yay for new running shoes!