10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Okay, at this point, you're abusing sarcasm."

per the usual i was all in a dither for no reason. pretty much our talk was "mistakes happen, try to be more focused". which we sort of figured out since we really don't like making mistakes. so no big. it's a relief that it's over and i can enjoy atleast a few more months of a regular check.

it's been sort of a busy week with the shopping and the un-packing the shopping, which i still haven't actually finished yet. and tomorrow is matt's birthday. wonderfully his present has already arrived, i just have to wrap it and bake his cake. i forgot that i had meant to make it in the shape of a truck or something. i was thinking big last year i guess. however, the odds on me getting a cake like that made without him noticing are going to be minute. it might be better to go the lazy route and fill the bed of a toy with cupcakes. but since we're not having a party with 15 toddlers maybe i should just make a grown up cake. he's not all that excited about his birthday. something about feeling old. he is going to be 31 and since that's practically dead, he needs an appropriate confection. maybe i'll bake something and then put it through a blender. that would strike just the right note.

it's sort of amazing how little i get done in an evening since we moved. i was thinking last night, while sitting on my ass, that i used to atleast step while watching tv. i slowed my stepping when i was running more and then i lost the habit completely. right now i'm completely habitless exercise-wise. it never ceases to amaze me how well i maintain when i'm not exercising or eating carefully and it never ceases to piss me off that i'm not doing more in order to lose. it's a circle with no end. atleast until i get myself completely together. which seems a truly elusive concept. most of the time i think i'm not together only to find out that i can get even less together and then think wistfully of the prior weeks.

before they found the very last body on our road i was running every morning. it was a crime with no relation at all to the area, it was just a dumping ground. but still it makes me nervous. even with the myriad defenses i mustered i don't really want to face running on the road. i'm officially out of the habit and it's going to be a pain in the hole to get back to it. wouldn't it be easier to just get a tape worm?


pinky pinkerson said...

I'm glad your dither was worse than what actually happened. I have been there so, so many times.

And oh my god - that semi-cake! That is so adorable I laughed. But yes, it would be hard to do that on the sly.

And how many bodies did they find on the road? "very last" indicates...more than two. More than three? I just got a chill. Is there some college or somewhere where you could run on a track? It is more boring but there usually aren't dead people there.

Amy said...

i'm glad it was no big scandal but i think my worrying is going to give me an ulcer. and then i worry about that too.

the cake is adorable, and so much frosting! maybe next year. or maybe i should just make it when i have time and he'll be really surprised because it's not his birthday at all.

and yes, there has been one body and one jaw and other err, parts. when we heard about the jaw i thought, "yes, i live in exactly the place you would chuck parts out of a window" but the jaw is a few years old and the body is brand new so it's a little more freaky. like someone saw on the news that someone else got away with it and now it's their turn.

the college is half an hour away, as are all the highschools and anything resembling a gym. and ofcourse not on the way to anywhere and we carpool anyway...aargh. as soon as i can afford a treadmill i'm on it, i can't think of a better solution.

PastaQueen said...

Those cakes are so cute! I want to bake something cute now.

Amy said...

cute cakes are the devil's workshop. nope, that doesn't work as a proverb. i tried.