10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello Cupcake!

this photo was supposed to be all about the cupcake but mostly i'm thinking "gee, i have really crowded counters". matt took a lot of grief over the size of the kitchen he built himself. his family thought the number of cupboards he built was ridiculous. too many. i think it's ridiculous too because there's still not enough room. he was putting dishes away last night and he had some serious issues with the bakeware. there's just not enough room for every cake pan to live with us. do i make a bundt every week? no. so why do i need it within reach.

it must be a very late spring cleaning bug that has me tearing my house apart to build it up new. the same bug that seems to have picked up where i left off in my actually wanting to set a new goal. i'm pretty much certain that when my hormones ride off in to the sunset i'll be back in the 160's. well in to the 160's. there's something about the last week that has made me all "i'll go for a run, and then i'll have some water, and look watermelon!". it's nice to crave vegetables again. to be the person who chooses fruit over junk and doesn't think twice about it. size ten is very much in my sights and nearly in my grasp.

in completely different news, i've got a call into the doctor about my wrist. and it just ocurred to me that i can ask her about my knee problem aswell. the wrist is mre of a concern though, as it's job related. if there's an issue with worker's comp i want it dealt with early and often and before we get bought out. 'course then i'll be damaged goods. better unemployable than unable to use my arm though, or maybe that's a bit dramatic.


PastaQueen said...

As much as I love cupcakes, that Hello, Kitty toaster takes the (cup)cake! It makes me want to toast things.

Amy said...

that toaster was the first of many hello cooking products i own and i love them all. kitty toast just never gets old!

Savy said...

I find that bringing a book-long list with me to the doctor is the most efficient. I wait until I have at least 300 things to discuss just to annoy them. Ok so it's not on purpose, but seriously, I hate going to the dr.

pinky pinkerson said...

yay, kitty toaster! Mine looks completely different from yours, but I bet the toast is exactly the same. And you are right, it never does get old.

Amy said...

i got workers comp to pay for the visit so now i'm really glad i had my long ass list!