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Friday, August 10, 2007

"insert quip here"

no no, my favorite part about the network being down is when they send us emails telling us the network is down. that's the super helpfullest. when they do that. and then when the network is back up you have an inbox bursting with letters saying "the internet is not yet working, please be patient." and you thought you were frustrated before but this, this is new. this is eleven on the frustrat-o-meter.

i didn't get here yesterday because of inner frustration and today it's all about outer frustration. i've been a grump-a-holic all week and i don't really have a great reason. this morning i phoned in to order zz top tickets for matt and all i could think was gee, i really hope this doesn't work. i don't want to go see zz top. but he really does. maybe he'll find a boyfriend to go with him and i can sit home and frown instead. that would be awesome.

he also suggested a trip to baxter state park this weekend. which normally would be awesome too because usually when i ask him if he'd like to do something he says he has to clean the garage. but it's not awesome. it's a long way there and a long way back and while i'll totally get to sit on my ass there's no tv in the car. damn it.

i seem to be drowning in dis-satisfaction with my life and i'm really not sure what to do about it. or is a week too short to actually be drowning. am i jumping the gun? am i merely spluttering on my dis-satisfaction? coughing on it noiselessly behind a polite hand.

back to the regularly scheduled fat on monday. probably.

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