10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, July 30, 2007

"like lipstick is a sign of my declining mind"

in my spaz and a half post of this morning i forgot some key things that i really want to remember. like how i was totally right that the first thing my dad would say to my sister about me was that i lost a bunch of weight. i suppose i should be happy that he was so impressed. i'm a little sad that there isn't anything more interesting for him to say about my life but if i'm honest it probably wouldn't matter. i could cure and cancer and it would still come in second when it comes to my dad. i'm even more sad that there genuinely isn't anything more interesting going on for me. a point that was hit home this weekend when some fit hit the shan at work. a mistake was made. we both admit it, we made a mistake. nothing was lost, unless you count a little time being frantic, but we're still scheduled to be reamed tomorrow by one of the higher ups.

all my years of not getting in trouble and getting good grades and staying under the radar is starting to get on my nerves. what is it i'm worried about? i have the most difficult time remembering that i'm not in high school anymore.


teebopop said...

Well, maybe if you're lucky and you get canned because of what you said, even if it IS justified, maybe you can make enough money to buy a new house like another famous blogger who got fired from her job for writing about her job in her blog! LOL

I've tried to fly under the radar all my life. People used to say I was taking the easy way out by not making waves. But little do they know it's exhausting trying to be invisible all the time!

pinky pinkerson said...

every time I made some tiny fuckup at work the person who punished me the most for it was always me. most of the time I was lucky enough to catch things before anyone else did. I seemed to have had a sixth sense about my own major gaffes. That doesn't mean I didn't spend a lot of nights having bad dreams about deadlines and paperwork, though.

Amy said...

it is hard work being under the radar. i expect this is why i have grays at 26.

and also, i hate worrying about screw ups at a job i hate. it's so ridiculous to worry about things that mean nothing at all in the long, short, or even medium run.