10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"and what are we going to need for operation 'chance in hell'?"

so the office bogarted that buffy quote? interesting. i suppose that's appopriate for a re-make show. ouch, who knew that would make me so bitter. i have to work on my emotional involvement with television i guess. in real life i've never seen that show, although i do sort of like scranton. a fierce pride they have, scrantonites. just don't speed there 'cuz whoa, police everywhere. check how easily distracted i am. i was going to say a little something about running. i was gonna start "a girl and her knee strap".

the strap thing helped a lot while i was running, that could involve (which is way more fun when you mis-spell it as invovle, hehe, but isn't the right wording at all so pretend i said "that could be the result of" instead 'kay?) the route change. i used to pound up a hill (read mountain) and then pound down a hill (still a mountain) to my driveway (also, mountain). i really liked that route but it's just not that great for a novice runner to be running downhill that hard on a regular basis. so now i go down a hill (less mountainy) and come up a hill (gradual incline) to my driveway (mountain). it's a little more depressing but much less impact. this is me beig a grown-up and accepting my limitations. sigh.

hey, you know what else is depressing? i have a pimple that could squash new york. and i can't pop it because it's really a pimple budget value pack and if i pop the one the other two will, well, you know. it'll be gross. it's making me want to be all veronica lake with my hair. or possibly a veil. or a lot of cleavage. breasts can be very distracting.

hey, you know what isn't depressing. besides cake and puppies and chocolate fondue? i read this neat-o blip in my employee health newsletter that said "expressive writing" can boost mental and physical health. so we're all apple-a-day healthy girls and boys. pats on the back all around!


pinky pinkerson said...

Have you read the "season eight" buffy comic books? I don't even know if they are out, and I don't read comic books, but I am intrigued nonetheless.

TĂȘtue said...

I swear that's an Office quote! From the episode where Ryan takes Michael to speak to his business class for extra credit (against his better judgment of course). Then again I could be wrong.

(PS I HIGHLY suggest The Office. Highly.)

Amy said...

i would be intrigued too, what happens after the apocolypse? usually another one if you follow the show.

then they done stole it, season 2 buffy aired in what, 96-97?