10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"do we take american express?"

i'm at work on my vacation because i am just that sad. and i didn't want to wait at the library. and now i'm off to start a tab at the liquor store. it's that kind of vacation. the kind where i spend the whole week baking and shopping and eating. it's kind of awesome.

i had a nice run this morning, and now inexplicably my arms hurt. i don't get it. but what's new. all this time and i'm still learning about my body. fascinating.

right, i'm boring myself here. i'll be putting up some pictures by phone so it might look a little weird till i get back to a computer. sorry. hope everyone has a great week!


PastaQueen said...

The first couple times I ran my lower back hurt a bit afterwards. I never realized how many muscles are used for running, but it's not just your legs.

Have a nice vacation and get off the Internet already!

~~R~~ said...

Have a good vacation leave work and don't look back lol..Liquor store sounds good grab some jack & jose and all will be right with your vacation..Have fun baking and shopping