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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Who died and made you the Iron Chef?"

i didn't end up using the eggs last night. because i am an idiot. i didn't stop for a bundt pan 'cause i was going to make a ton of cookie dough, i thought that was the best way to not eat it. mix and freeze, that was all i was going to do. except that by ton i meant literally. 6 eggs, using the recipe that required the most eggs, would have begat thirteen and a half dozen cookies. even frozen, that's an army of chocolate chips. the other recipes would have been almost 20 dozen. which would be fine if i was a certified insured kitchen and i could cart their chocolatey asses to the market and sell 'em, but i can't. now i have to go to walmart (evilly convenient) and buy a bundt pan so i can go home and intoxicate a very eggy cake. right now is an i wish i could stop thinking about this so i don't go insane moment.

one of my co-workers just started an almost south beach thing. her husband was pronounced obese and with high blood pressure. he was shocked, as are all the everyday obese folks who get through most of their day just fine. he was one of those people who think obese means you need heavy equipment to get you out of your house. reality is a harsh mistress. they're doing the diet together, after she convinced him that she is technically obese too. we've been talking a lot about diets the last few days. diets and coupon clipping are our big bonding points and they don't really work well together. bad for me, but it's worse for her.

the thing is, there are hardly ever coupons for fresh vegetables. no, the coupons are for cake mix and cookies and sugar cereals. or god save us hamburger helper. not only are these things big in the coupon section, they're also always on sale. the establishment is practically paying you to eat this crap. i fell into that trap, no i lived in that trap, when i was really broke. that's where she is, she has a house full of potatoes in a box and sodium white rice blends and cinnamon rolls in a can. because it was cheap and it got the job done and when you eat it all the time it tastes good. it's hard to get out of that situation when you can't afford to lose all that food and your health can't afford to eat it.

she gave me all her "bad" coupons. shoot me, i accepted some cookie mix coupons. do i need that, NO. see first paragraph, one thousand times no. but i took them. let's just hope i have the strength not to use them myself. or the one for eggos. although matt could really use the calories. the list of rationalizations goes on and on and on.


i i eee said...

It's so true about coupons. The cost of healthy food is so expensive.

Amy said...

we're painfully easily led aren't we?

snackiepoo said...

It boggles my mind that the President has a fitness challenge yet uh....the worst foods ever are the only ones that go on sale.

Mymsie said...

♥LOVE♥ your tag line → "a blog dedicated to the eradication of my ass"

Amy said...


A said...

Coupons are a trap! I will say however that I have been to the store and grabbed something off the shelf and somebody has left a coupon there. Maybe that is what you should do with yours...you could be the coupon fairy!

lovelines said...

Buying organic is even worse, cost-wise. Makes it hard to be healthy, but oh well. What can you do?

My family always has some sort of vegetable garden in our backyard and a few fruit trees. It doesn't make THAT big a difference, but I'm sure it helps defray the costs of fresh vegetables/fruit a bit. And gardening is sort of exercise anyway!