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Thursday, April 19, 2007

sight words you are in the wrong building!

all that ranting makes a girl hungry. i'm glad i got it off my chest, and not by beating the party in question. there's nothing i can do about it. i am angry, i told my boss i was angry and she understands. i don't know if anything will change, but atleast she knows how i feel about it. should something further occur, i've said my piece.

i need to chill because it's actually been a really good day. my sister found that cingular reward card that i lost and wore the hair shirt over for weeks and miraculously it's not expired. my credit score went up again when i thought for sure it would go down.* and i ate two brownies yesterday and i still weighed 171 this morning. so either i have good karma today or they weren't fast acting brownies. either way, there's no reason i shouldn't be pleased with today and it's good to learn to let go. although i should probably make an effort to keep my blood sugar up so i don't snap and lose my shit all over again. good thing i brought that extra brownie...

*it's a huge ass bill, which on discover is good because it earns me cash for gap jeans but is bad because i then have to pay it.

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Weight Master said...

I wish I would have a little luck like that.