10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, March 05, 2007

"I can say what I want - I still got Nazi bullets in my ass."

can i tell you i spent my weekend melting snow on my stove? in sauce pans. because we ran out of water. it's a very long story, involving plumbers and renting pressure sprayers and large sums of money and i'm sure no one wants to hear it anymore than i want to tell it. but we now have running water. it's just like ancient rome.

so, what else. i haven't decided about the drugs. see melting snow on a stove. i'll have to keep thinking about it. i'm once again back at 172. i thought it would be worse coming into this week (does this reporting of stats make anyone else feel like a sports announcer? it's like a bizarre football pool.). i can live with two pounds after that week.

hopefully i'll get my stuff together to be back at 170 soon. and go from there. i had made a goal to start pilates again. i just have to find my mat. i know i packed it, but that's the last time i saw it. the sucker's bright green, it really shouldn't be this hard. anyway i have to get back on the exercise wagon. i can't lament my progress if i don't take any steps toward some. i have to keep reminding myself about that. eventually what i get out of watching my diet alone won't be enough to keep losing. i'd like to be prepared for that.

speaking of preparedness. i'm using my three weeks of girlscout training and preparing lunches in advance. tonight i'm making blackbean soup and chicken quesadillas. matt won't touch the soup so i'll have a week's worth of lunches. this soup thing cleans my cabinets of food and endless tupperware so it's a dream come true. i'm trying to think of other proteiny things i can freeze. pretty much it's the wonderful world of beans. unless y'all have any ideas?

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