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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"You mean winter, as in Eskimos and igloos and penguins and ICE?"

if you live in maine you know you pay the highest taxes in the nation. you also know that the state doesn't do a damn thing with the money except sit on it and sing na-na-na while you sob. so when every bridge is left to fall into the water it's not a big surprise. that would be the bridge that makes our hour commute to the new house possible. the road is still shitty, but it's way less shitty than the 30 mile detour alternative. what they don't mention in the article, although apparently they mention it on tv, is the ice road. the ice road that pissed off locals have plowed over the lake. ice roads have their places, their uses. however, a lake with a dam and a current is probably not the safest. but then last night i drove the alternative route and pretty much that's all ice too. a screeching, frozen death seems rather inevitable.

so anyway, my stress level is like...a million. but we got the fridge set up. and i can put coke in it. and weep with joy so i'm all set. things are going along pretty well actually. i still reserve my right to freak, but it's not a constant state anymore. and i ordered curtains. check me and my adult decision making.

i've been awaiting a call from my doctor about my thyroid. long ago she said that i didn't really need to take my medicine because my numbers were only a smidge above normal. i took them for awhile because i thought it might help me lose weight* but i stopped when i couldn't keep it up. and i didn't feel any better or worse so i quit. but apparently normal changed (see how this fits the theme lately, the everchanging state of normalcy) and now it's way below what i am. like, three points. so i might be going back on my pills. *(hey, i went and put the footnote in the middle. ahh, the freedom) there was this girl in college i keep thinking about. she was sort of dowdy every so slightly overweight girl. i would never have called her fat, but she wasn't a skinny girl. and then she got diagnosed with a thyroid condition. in a month she was a stick.

i know how we always talk about how your body isn't you, it's just what carries you around. well damn, this girl became the body. she went from frumpy t-shirts to strappy halters practically overnight. and damn was i jealous. if it could be that easy. i've never really held out any hope that that would happen for me. considering i was already taking the meds and had been for years, i wasn't waiting for a miracle. but part of me can't help thinking that if i'm running three points high i'm probably in for some changes if i go back on the medication. and i really hope it's strappy halters kind of changes. it'd be nice to have the option, even if i never rock the look in real life.


i i eee said...

That broken bridge hurts my heart. Ugh. 30 mile alternative route.

It's girls like that who always fuel the thyroid dream for us all. Boo.

Amy said...

isn't it sad. they've let some pretty bridges colapse into the ocean. it's frightening.