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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"the sun's gone dim, the moon's turned black, for i loved him and he didn't love back"

back to mrs. p week. oh, and valentine's day. i've been thinking for a while about what i'll be doing for mr. me this year. last year we made dinner at home. i was doing the no carb thing which made meal planning rather difficult. i can't remember what i actually made for dinner, but i do remember what i made for dessert. chocolate mousse* from a recipe that is so easy and so close to sugar free that i almost didn't feel guilty about it.

i was so much more together last year. i haven't even made valentines yet, let alone planning any kind of meal. i did think of maybe cutting a filet mignon to look like a heart, but that might be kind of gross. i do have a heart shaped cake pan this year and it would be foolish not to use it on this occasion of all occasions, so i'll definitely be making a cake. that's all i've got. i think maybe we'll get takeout. then i won't have to think beyond frosting.

i've sort of gone back to the cooking doldrums. the only factors in my meal planning are whether or not matt needs lunch the next day. so he's been eating a lot of chicken at my house. where as i'm eating less. i'm thinking about going back to a more vegetarian diet, which i only stopped when i started dating matt. not that he cared, it was just too much to manage when everything else was so hard. it means planning more carefully about protein and preparing two main courses instead of one. i'm almost ready to do that full time. i've been skipping the chicken at home when i make it for matt. soon it might be a permanent switch. it's a hell of a lot cheaper to buy meat for one so there's an instant bonus. i'm starting to look forward to it, so probably there's no reason to wait.

*whip 10 ounces of heavy cream to soft peaks. melt 8 ounces very dark chocolate (60% cocoa atleast) in a double boiler/glass bowl on pot of water/microwave. allow chocolate to cool a few minutes, fold chocolate into cream, spoon into gorgeous glasses and chill. i use whipping cream instead simply because i can whip the remaining cream with a drop of vanilla and or sugar and use to serve so none of the cream is wasted. this should serve four. should...


i i eee said...

Looks yummy.

Yeah, every time I read the veggie paparazzo's blog I always think, "Vegetarian is the way to go." Seems so healthy and oh so charming at the same time. Maybe it's just her.

But oh I love me some chicken, mmm-hmmm, especially the kentucky kind. hahaha But not really.

V'ron said...

Take it from me, though, preparing two main courses a lot gets old. Fast.

Really fast.

After a while I've just decided that sometimes I'll eat what Brian feels like, and sometime's I'll make what I want to eat, regardless of whether Brian will like it or not. And if he doesn't like it, like the kids, there's a giant can of peanut butter and some bread they can help themselves to.

Amy said...

unfortunately we do alot of the two meals in one night now. mostly it's just a difference of broiling fish and steak, instead it'll be broiling steak and mushrooms instead of the fish. it should be ok. i can't take anymore animals for a while.

it is yummy, and so is going vegetarian. you just have to plan. or all you ever eat is salad and french fries. restaurants, particularly chains, have no imagination.