10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"I would, but I'm paralyzed with not caring very much."

i didn't want to, but i made an appointment with my doctor. i did recently get the annual visit reminder in the mail and matt is all worried about the puking* even though i'm feeling better today. the worry isn't so good for his condition so i'm getting it over with tomorrow. and i can find out what the medical opinion is on my efforts of this year. i've pretty much decided that they'll be positive. if not, i'll just get a new doctor in bangor when we move. i'm not all that interested in supporting professionals who don't support me. as of now i'm at 171 which makes 25 pounds lost. all i have to do is watch it until tomorrow lunch. i'm somewhat obsessed with having the lowest possible number on my chart now that i've made the appointment. like cramming for a test.

and when it's over i can start my long weekend of moving and buying curtains. which is actually quite difficult and i had no idea. i've never had to decorate a room i actually cared about before and it's not as easy as i'd thought. i've spent so long doing things on the cheap in temporary apartments i feel like i'm funnelling years of decorative energy into these three rooms**. i'm totally crippled by it.

i painted one room, the bedroom. the color came out all wrong but it's too much work to do over, so i'm making due with the shade of green. it sort of matches my head *** so i'm making that my theme. how does one match curtains to a head? i'm thinking of these. shabby chic sort of goes with my half antique/half ikea design concept. cough. i've already planned to hide all the modern stuff behind the door and sort of focus on the old stuff. atleast until i can afford an antique wardrobe, which will be never so i'd better get curtains i like. and then make a duvet to match so i can go off to acadia mental hospital in peace.

i'd debated making my own curtains. but i don't think i can do it fast enough. i've been making a concerted effort to finish the projects i start (read not moving the poly-fil to another apartment still unused) but i think it would be unwise to push it just now. we'll end up curtainless and fabricfull and i'll just be mad that i let myself down. better to grapple with target.com and the uselessness of their enlarged photos. how are you supposed to see the shade of green in those curtains? it's madness.

*you can't imagine the you're pregnant teasing, i'm not. really.
**they're big rooms, there just aren't many of them.
***not mine exactly but very close.


Weight Master said...

Don't overload yourself. It'll all come together. Good luck.

Amy said...

thanks, i'm sure it will. i just have nothing better to do than to freak about it. and shop online.

pinky pinkerson said...

you have that exact head vase? I have a whole collection, and one that looks just like that, but I think its brown. or pink.

Amy said...

that vase was just the first green one i found online. it's close though, bigger hat and a pearl necklace. i'll post a pic when i unpack her.