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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

uhm, ahhh, yeah

i just had an epiphany. remember a thousand years ago when i wrote about that skirt at the limited that didn't fit and how i was going to totally make that skirt fit. and you know how yesterday i was all "i need nice clothes that fit". yeah, well, i'm going to the land of decent stores again this weekend and i will find things that fit. it's extra good motivation to lay off the ice cream sammiches this week. and maybe try out that new pilates dvd i got. essentially re-commit to the skirt thing and get a nice work outfit out of it. and meet a goal...which hasn't happened on this site very often.

(good thoughts, good karma) she says to herself so as not to be all whiny.

the best part of that plan is that i won't have to haul my ass to bangor this week. i'll only have to haul it to nh at the weekend. that's a blessing in itself. it's hard to get much done when the sun sets at 4. motivation flees with the light and pretty much i spend my nights watching buffy and looking at the 50 excel spreadsheets i have to monitor every facet of my life. isn't my life riveting? i made a household spending graph that really impressed the boyfriend. to the point where he suggested i take up crocheting. because knit one pearl two is a better use of my time.*

i do need a hobby. beyond coupon cutting and filing my receipts in alphabetical order.** so i pulled out my printmaking supplies (which i had packed to move...) and i'm playing around with those a bit. textures mostly. starting at the beginning and hoping it takes me closer to where i want to end up. as with all things i need to learn to appreciate the process and the steps and not just be pissed off that the result isn't what i want it to be.

i know i should be baking and working out recipes for when i might be able to start this business...but i'm saving my enthusiasm for christmas at the moment. especially as i want to fit that skirt. but i am thinking of things to make for the holidays. y'all think dark chocolate cookies with bits of cherry is worth trying? or should i stick with the old favorites? i'm wondering if i use dried if they'll react like raisins and soften up a bit in the cookies. i'll have to give it a test drive and let you know. after i make the perfect print and learn to knit, ofcourse.

*and yes, i know that those are knitting references and not crocheting references. or maybe they are, i have no idea. it's sort of like that quilted northern toilet paper commercial where the cartoon ladies are quilting with knitting needles that makes my sister growl like a rottweiler.
**i wish i could put stuff like this on my resume, some employers might find my dedication to the alphabet endearing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my ... dark chocolate cookies with bits of cherries. Sounds like a winner to me!

Have you looked into making any of the Splenda cookies? I've tried a few. They taste fine. They just don't puff up as much as sugar-filled cookies.

The skirt ... you'll do it.

Amy said...

i tried the splenda thing, i just don't like it. i'd rather have one regular cookie than two splenda. but that's just me, i never could dig anything sugar-free.