10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

"this is all making the kind of sense that doesn't"

i have a ton of white donut sugar powder on my pants. and that's all i have to say about that.

there isn't so much going on. i thought i'd be all into morning exercise what with the time change, but it seems not. it's not like last winter at all, when i really enjoyed a morning jog. this year i'm still lazy from the summer. i'm still sleepier than is warranted with all these early sunrises. and also matt thinks i'm starving myself.

obviously, the attention, he does not pay. but he's not at my house every day and he doesn't see the dwindling supply of dove squares in my piggy jar. he does have a point that i'm eating less. but i've also felt like poo for weeks. i've had an ear infection since the industrial revolution it seems, and it doesn't show signs of waning. i'm getting really tired of it. and i'm getting tired of saying WHAT! every 2.4 seconds. it would be nicer to say pardon. but then no one would know what i meant. that's the trouble with words in the ever shifting context of our modern vernacular.

on that note. i'm going to go invite him to take me to lunch so he can see that a. i still like food and secondly that he should be more careful with his accusations. not eating? me. my house is a shrine to food. the very idea, tsk tsk.


MayQueen said...

Your poor earsies.

Amy said...

i know, i'm festering.

Rebecca said...

your jar, is it really a piggy?

damn...how ironic!

Amy said...

it is a piggy, i got it at target. it was too adorable. he's got this look like "hey, i'm a piggy" i couldn't resist.