10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


i have an actual interview. they called me first. first as in before all others. now what the fuck do i wear? the job is a town position, so conservative. i'll have to buy a suit and get it tailored. i've been meaning to and now i have a reason. that's gonna be hard. if the snow stops i'll be a shopping tonight. and i will not have a cow when it doesn't fit me in a few months. i will just take it to the tailor and the angels will sing.

i will not whine. because i finally got a call back. i was starting to think i'd never hear anything positive back and i am half done re-working my resume. i'm still re-working it, i still have some new jobs to send it to. it's nice to have an interview coming up though. i feel that much more positive about sending out more when it's not completely fruitless.

so i'm employable, i've lost one of my new pounds, and i'm overall in a good mood. despite the snow. the snow would be great, if we had electricity set up at the apartment. the 5000 dollar fun-o-rama of getting the place wired can't be completed if the road is impassable. and that would suck. but i am happy about the pound. and the job interview. it's not the one i reallllly wanted, but they called me first. which rocks! and it rocks that he told me that. it made my day. and i get to go shopping. it's a good things trifecta.


i i eee said...

Good luck!

Amy said...

thanks! i'm so excited. and nervous.

Sugarcrook said...

Congrats! And nothing better than a new suit. Are you going to get the green leopard print one with matching hat and cane, or a more formal, blinged-out, purple crushed velvet?

Amy said...

i was thinking alligator skin. roar!

Rebecca said...


good luck!!! how great is that!! let the fun begin...

ooohhh...wait, whats better? the poundage or the interview? tough call, i know! ;)