10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what happened to the other half of the chicken? oh, yeah, me.

four hours ago i watched a lady from new jersey park in the 15 minute section in front of the post office, she still doesn't have a ticket. this speaks to the genius of jersey because they must know that the parking police don't bother with the 5 spaces of 15 minute parking in the vast sea of two hour parking offenders. i think in new jersey you must be born with indemnity over the mortal sordidness of parking issues. a gift at birth.

speaking of gifts at birth, i watched the first season of project runway last night. two years late. that's how hip i am to that jive. it's still fun though, even though i know jay wins. it still makes me want to sew. and more importantly, to exercise. i spent most of the first disc on my stepper and the second on my bike. you can't watch that many hours of heidi klum and not want to learn how to exercise in your sleep.

it's less good to watch that show and then go to a job interview because 1) you're outfit has no style or innovation and was poorly executed and B. you're waiting to hear someone with a german lilt say you're out! the number one reason i don't have tv is to protect myself from unnecessary paranoia. i used to think that law and order was the impetus. when i had tv i always thought someone was going to break into my house. why? to steal my pink depression ware? please. so it's nice now to have a genuine worry, my ever failing fashion choices.

clothes have been more trouble than usual for me lately. i'm having way too many naked banker moments. but it could be more existential crisis than fat. it's getting harder to tell the difference lately because, uhm, i'm skinnier and i'm not happier and according to everything we see and hear everyday it's the emotional equivalent of saying the earth is flat. my ass is smaller and i'm still dejected. what the fuck?

and did you notice the "i'm a dictionary with the fancy words" thing i have going on today, it's to remind myself that sometimes i can craft this language. just not this morning. but the english, i do speak it. uhm. sometimes.


Rebecca said...

seriously, i dont believe that heidi klum is from germany.

she's probably from some poor 3rd world country where theres nothing to eat, plenty of water and sunlight because she looks way too hot after 2 or 3 kids?!

Amy said...

it's frightening.

... said...

i really dislike heidi! after she screwed jay over (on project jay) i was soo pissed! LOL I LOVE THAT SHOW! AND I LOVE JAY! I would go to NY just to meet him ;)