10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ooooh, bummer. i officially can no longer upload photos at the library. it seems they must have had some trouble because all you can do now is check your email. i'm not ever sure you can write word documents. god damn tourists. i had like a whole post written at home for easy installation. it had capitals. and it was funny. fucking hilarious. but you'll have to take my word for it because i can't open the damn file. you know i wouldn't lie to you.

to sum up that post in two words, size 14. jeans, gap. no ass. size 14. brilliant.

you'll see how long i can stand queing for my tax payer rights by how many posts i get in this week. i really need to break down and get dial up. how bourgeois. (pretend i spelled that right, as a favor.)

i hope everyone has a great week!


Rebecca said...

isnt the hip term to say "bouchy" (pronounced boo-she)?

yeah for size 14!!!!

... said...

congrats on the size 14!! ;) aww that sucks that you can't upload stuff there
anymore ;( i'll laugh at this post and pretend it's the funny one you had written ;) LOL

whats a bouchy?? OMG im so unhip! i need need to get out more!! HAHAHA no seriously.. WHAT'S A BOUCHY?

Amy said...

i have no idea what bouchy is, i was going for french imperialist materialism with that word.

Rebecca said...

i'm assuming peeps up with bouchy because they cant pronounce bourgeois.

those people who wear the D&G, LV but really they live in a little shack, have no education and are only able to afford what they have by using their welfare checks on it.

thats bouchy..

... said...

OOoOooOooOOoOoOo and now I know.. and knowing is half the battle! LOL

Amy said...

i feel really old now.

Amy said...

hey, i did spell bourgeois correctly. rockin!