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Monday, September 11, 2006

circle, slash, cows

i knew there was something i meant to write about but i got busy burning the memory out of my brain with a laser. LARD. in my jiffy cornbread mix. not that people on "diets" should be making and eating cornbread anyway. but, i was on vacation. and it has corn in it. a genuine vegetable. i was reading the ingredients so i can make the healthful concoction myself and the third ingredient is LARD. and the fourth is partially hydrogenated lard. not one, but two kinds of lard because one does of lard just isn't enough.

how it took me so many years to read the ingredients, i don't know. so i spent the afternoon complaining to the cat about the lard and then threw out the perfectly innocent cornbread i just made. and then matt came home and i complained to him. that's when i remembered i had another box of the stuff and made to throw that away too. that's when matt took the box and scratched out the lards and wrote "no cows" on the ingredient label. i saved the box, but the mix went to his mom. you won't be surprised to know it took another hour for me to realize that the pie crust mix i buy is also jiffy. and, wait for it, also contains lard.

lard, the hidden menace. i hate full disclosure labels, i'd be so much happier not knowing i've been eating lard all my life and loving it.


MayQueen said...

Ewwww, we made jiffy cornbread in college.

I feel so dirty.

Amy said...

i know, i loved that stuff. i'll have to join lard lover's anonymous.

Beth Currie said...

Huh. Who knew there were two types of lard? Not me, that's for sure.

Amy said...

i wonder who thought partially hydrogenated lard would be right for the modern world.

Teri said...

ugh. I didn't know lard was stable enough to have a shelf life.

partially hydrogenated lard is actually worse for you than regular lard. who knew there was an ingredient out there that could make that claim?

love your blog...