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Monday, July 31, 2006

ads, what ads?

pretend it's not there. it's not supposed to be there. i don't know why it's there. for the love of god don't search anything in it. one minute i was reading the fine print and thinking "i'll never remember all these rules" and then i looked at my page and i have a thing. hopefully the wonderful folks at google will help me get rid of it very soon. frankly it scares me. i deal all day in fine print and i don't need another thing to screw up.


Michelle said...

What ad? The google thingie up there ^. It's not bad...didn't even notice it...lol. I had to look around to see what you're talking about.
Your blog still looks good. (O: Now you can breath (o:
PS. Why are your links at the bottom? I think they're hiding from your Google ad..teehee. (o:

Amy said...

it's supremely fucked up.

Michelle said...

Looks like you fixed it. Good job!