10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


so, err, i didn't get run over by anyone from the garden state but we have been busy. our trainee has been sort or unreliable. friday she went home sick before lunch, and yesterday she went home distraught at ten because she got a text saying her boyfriend was cheating on her. technology is the root of all evil.

in the midst of the madness i haven't had time to tell you all about the clicking in my heel. it's been fascinating me for days. what is there to "click" at the back of one's heel/achilles area. can't think of anything can you? me either. today i have the added bonus of unrelenting pain that's been making me think of greek cliches all morning. unrelenting pain at both ends! woohoo!

i'm driving myself crazy, some guy from indiana really thinks i should cash his paycheck from lowe's (cash your damn paycheck before you go on vacation, moron) but atleast no one has stopped in to ask me the directions to starbucks this year. which is sort of a shame because they went and built one in bangor and i'd really like to say to someone "sure: go up this street and take a right and THEN DRIVE FOR AN HOUR. it's on the left, you can't miss it".

it's been a weird week and it's only tuesday. i cleaned out my cupboards last night. that's what 20 somethings do on gorgeous summer nights, right? catalogue the canned beans? and i noticed that i have a stockpile of packaged cookies. i vaguely remember there being sales in the winter. probably when i wasn't eating sugar and i seem to have hidden oreos and chips ahoy all over the kitchen. under the sink, fudge stripes. in the stationary drawer (as in it holds stationary not that it doesn't move because then it would be more of a box than a drawer*) there are vienna fingers. who hides vienna fingers? they're freaking vanilla? what kind of crazy person has a compulsion for vienna fingers? and then hides them with the hello kitty notecards. atleast i haven't eaten any of them. surely i get points for that...

*ever since we watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang i've been narrating to myself the same way robert downey jr. does. i did mention that i'm driving myself crazy right? right here, this behavior, top of that list.


Jennette Fulda said...

On behalf of the people of Indiana, I apologize.

Ooh, back before I was dieting one of the best things was to discover a hidden candy bar in the cupboard. It was like finding a $20 bill in a winter coat pocket, unexpected and wonderful. Nowadays it would be more like walking onto a land mine.

Amy said...

i'm sure it's not indiana's fault. and also, i realized i have a viewer from new jersey and maybe they'll be offended. and then i thought, they're from new jersey...they won't care. and then i thought "well, that's even meaner" so i'm adding that no one from massachusetts can drive either and that's why we call them massholes and i KNOW they don't care what you think about their driving except maybe sarah so there. new jersey's not alone.

Anonymous said...

LOL I have visions of your place as some kind of gingerbread house with candy spilling out everywhere.

And my mum always told me it's stationAry if it doesn't move and stationEry if you write on it :-)))

MayQueen said...

My driving is superb. After I get my license I'll drive as shitty as everyone else, though. You can count on it.

I love that movie! It's one of the few that I watched for the first time and then immediately wanted to watch it again.

MayQueen said...

p.s. I played with Mare today!

Amy said...

i'm an american and i can't spell anyway so that's probably so. with the e rather than the a. it just rememinded me so much of that line "sore as in sore not sore like an angry guy in a movie in the 1950's"

Wendell said...

Indeed I agree that you deserve points for not eating the cookies. I don't know how you managed to hide them all - cookies cannot hide from me alas. I can't hide something like that and forget about it, because if it's in the house, I never stop thinking about it until I get it down my gullet. Right now my thoughts are like 'roasted almonds, tracker bar, roasted almonds, tracker bar' and so on. Neither are long for this world I'm afraid.