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Thursday, June 22, 2006

mix mix. stir stir. i married young it's all a blur.*

the poor dear tiny little women can't find clothes. i'm sure i should have more compassion for the common struggle but i just don't today. take it to a tailor like everyone else has to. i guess i'm just a little feisty today. we've been talking at work about the great lobster peta debate which would be a big deal here if anyone gave a shit about peta around here. apparently it's cruel and unusual to ship them. THEY'RE ROACHES for chrissakes. they're not protesting the haddock or the halibut, i just don't see the difference personally.

but anyway, chocolate and haircuts. i'm a chocolate snob i guess, i really only like expensive ass chocolate like ghirardelli or lindt. that's what i use for baking anyway. you've got to use good stuff to get good results. i don't know what to say about the hair. i'm so used to being disappointed that i don't really have ambitions for it anymore. i'm trying to be patient and try lots of things till i find something i like. "i can always cut it off" is my mantra. if i decide to keep it straight, i might well go for a more professional model, but this one's cool for now. the sizzling sound is a little disconcerting. ahem.

so, i don't usually pimp movies but...if you haven't seen undertaking betty you should rent it. it's delightful. and it has jerry springer in it. it's that good that it can have jerry springer and be delightful at the same time. we spent the evening watching movies and making whoopie pies (black moons, moon pies, et c.). i've never used so much crisco in one recipe in my life. needless to say they came out perfectly and they are now all given away. we had one and a half each, and the rest have gone to matt's dad and my co-workers. anywhere but in my house. word.

*sarah sang this while we were cooking and that's how i know going to college was a good decision. i got to meet her.

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MayQueen said...

I'm so glad that I went to Hood because if I'd gone anywhere else you wouldn't have been there to keep me from going bonkers.