10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


you know, it's only because of the list of 185 titles on my blogger home page that i realized that i weight exactly the same as when i left. i just don't know what to think about that. i ate like a farm animal getting ready for market and it's made no difference at all. am i that fat all the time and i just never noticed? in that vein i'm thinking of getting cooking light magazine (or something similar) maybe there are lots of tasty ways to cut calories i haven't tried yet. things i can do by habit that no one will notice.

i'm off to the gap tonight, it's ten percent tuesday and since i'm a cheap bitch i'm going to try to find the items i bought this weekend at ten percent cheaper. i'm also going to try some smaller sizes. if i succeed on both ends i'll justify the hour drive, if not well...whatever.

i really missed my routine while i was gone. it was fun to be lazy but i'm tremendously relieved to be home. sunday was a long, long drive and there was nothing more i wanted than to be home. i'm becoming a homebody hermit person. and i missed the internet. i spent most of monday reading up on blogs, it's a lot of people and lives to catch up with.

i'm not the least bit upset to be back at work. i'm looking at the calendar, it's a long stretch of time till the next vacation. frankly i'm not bothered. i'd hate to be one of those people who live from vacation to vacation because their everyday lives suck. i really like my every day life. i like cooking and taking care of my house, i even like working. holly and i went to a spa this weekend, where i got a facial (she said she only loosened most of the dirt and i should get another in 6 weeks...now that's dirty), but the room was full of women who go to spas like it's their job. thinking about it, i guess it is. trophy wives who have to work to keep their status and/or their husbands. how depressing. i think i'd rather get paid by the hour. atleast you know where you stand.

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