10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


i haven't made the return yet. scheduling conflicts. but also conflicts of the mind. i can't decide what to tell them. i'm getting the feeling, as i so often do, that it could lead to a scene that wouldn't be out of place in a bad sitcom. bumbling twenty-something tries to return skirt at national retail chain, tells monsterous bell clanging lie, dumbfounds clerk...hilarity ensues. i can't think of what kind of hilarity except that the counter girl will go home and mock me. THE HORROR! it wouldn't be my life if i wasn't driving myself crazy over something of no importance what so ever (one word, three words, hyphens? see how i can prove my point with built in examples!!!).

however, i did decide on no more clothes until the 14's fall off my ass. we'll call it the ying and the yang for the moment. ying: i bought a few things for the in-between period. yang: i'll save the rest of my pennies for smaller sizes. balance, thrift, short skirts, what's to complain about?

taking a leaf out of d's book i looked up the runs in the area. there's not much in the way of short runs, but i'm all set for marathons. maybe next year. the MDI marathon has lots of training runs that lead up to the marathon. the ones left are 13 miles and up but next year would be great to start small and head up to the 26 miles. i'll have to keep looking for 5k's! that would be the place to start i think. thanks D, you've inspired me!


Rebecca said...

thats the least i can do for all the times YOU've inspired me..

btw...have your sneaks come in?

Amy said...

and the irony of that question is that they have come and gone 4 times and no go...and then i went to the nike store and bought some on the spot. i've never worn nikes, always sworn against them...and i ended up with 40 nike's just like you! only i like mine (i didn't think i would, they're usually so narrow) and i've been doing everything in them. it's wonderful, i feel all bouncy.

Rebecca said...

I'm glad they worked out for you!!!!

What kind did you get? x trainers? runners?

Amy said...

runners, with the "foot bridge" they gave me all kinds of information i don't remember...they were very helpful. the shoes are very stable. and light.