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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

183 and 183

improvement. however slight. i made an appointment with my doctor for the extra curricular prodding before i have to pay for office visits. i'm really hoping to impress her with my massive weight loss (cough) but i'm worried she won't make me get on the scale. i just had a physical, this appointment is really just to check my thyroid dosage. i can't believe i'm worried i won't get to stand on the scale. i feel the most intense urge for her to know i'm trying. the urge for validation maybe?

so i looked a bit more at that fat spouse website. i just don't get it. if you loved someone, you would not want to write such things about them on the internet. you wouldn't even think those kind of things. if you clearly don't love your spouse, get a divorce. better to be a superficial bastard or bastardess getting a divorce for a shitty reason than being a passive aggressive coward on the internet. i would really rather go through a divorce than live with someone who would treat me that way. it makes me sad that people choose to live like that.

i'm slowly working my way down the list of things to do before vacation. i'm stuck on packing right now. i can't decide about packing exercise stuff. if i make room for it and bring it along, i won't use it. if i don't pack anything, i'll want to go for a jog and i'll feel extra guilty if i don't. i was debating this with matt and he asked if we'd be anywhere that you could jog and what would he do while i was jogging*, both of which are reasons that i probably won't get a lot of exercise on this trip. i said i should bring the stepper with us, i'm sure there's room in the passenger seat to step for a few hours while he drove. he said he'd measure it. one of my very favorite things about him is his inability to know when i'm joking. on the first hand it makes me laugh, and on the other it reminds me that not only does he listen to me and take me seriously, he'd do anything for me. including measuring my mini-stepper so i can take it on vacation and use it in the car while we drive. i should have him bronzed.

so, expect a few more angsty posts about how much exercise i can get in on vacation. i've been dreaming about eggplant parmesan from nido's and chocolate croissants from the french bakery, which makes me a little nervous about not running. but i fully expect to be walking every foot of gettysburg, and antietam, and the ford nationals car show at carlisle. so why the hell am i worried? any of you folks ever followed a ford man around a car show? i think i can probably get away with two croissants after that revelation.

*because we're staying with my friends and i think he'll feel weird sitting in their house alone for an hour, which is reasonable.


Rebecca said...

a FRENCH bakery!?

ohhh..man...I'm envious!!! I can't imagine all the delicacies they house there?!

are you going on vacation this weekend?

i could so see myself trying to step in the car!! that was hilarious!! i wonder if that would be doable though...i mean, i wonder the amount of calories you'd burn!

Amy said...

the desserts there are so good. my mom once bought 80 dollars worth of bread to take home. she loved that place.

we're leaving friday for all of next week. i'm gonna be so fat, but it's going to be worth it. it would be great to step in the car. maybe i should look into a thigh master, that might be easier.

Jennette Fulda said...

As far as the fat spouse site goes, it's sad, but people stay in loveless, bad relationships all the time. There's one girl's blog I read who has been bitching about her boyfriend for at least 2 years and most everyone who comments agrees she needs to leave the bastard, but she hasn't and I'm beginning to doubt she ever will. I think she has a fear of being alone and would rather be in a relationship, one that happens to bring financial security, than to be all by herself.

You should never underestimate the allure of the familiar either. People will stay in all sorts of bad situations simply because they are familiar. They're afraid to shake things up even if change would be for the better.

I think that site also reflects the fact that a man's social status is affected by how attractive his wife is. There was a study that came out a while ago where people were asked to judge the success of men in photos standing next to a woman. The men standing next to thin women were judged to be more successful than those standing next to chubbier women. Hence the whole "trophy wife" phenomenon. If that sort of social status and competition is important to you (the whole "keeping up with the Jones" idea), it would probably be as important to have a hot spouse as it would be to have the latest cell phone model and the most expensive car. For some people spouse are very much like commodities.

Amy said...

i know, it's just so pathetic. life's too short for that nonsense.

pinky pinkerson said...

I wish your Ford man had taken the Rouge Truck Plant tour last Friday instead of me. I mean - it was neat and all, but it was LONG. They kept saying "you get to see ACTUAL WORKERS making F-150 trucks!

And I thought - yeah. I'm sure those folks love being stared at like monkeys at the zoo from an overhead walkway all day, every day.

Amy said...

i was notified earlier today that the harley davidson museum is conveniently located en route to the car show. i'm trading that juicy fact for a whole day of antiqueing and croissant buying.

Amy said...

and also, he would have loved the truck plant tour. too much. but he doesn't really hold with anything built later than 1976. apparently it was a good year.

V'ron said...

Ach, I spent part of my honeymoon at the 100th Anniversary of Oldsmobile in Lansing, MI. Car shows. Lots of walking. LOTS.

snackiepoo said...

My doctor weighs me every time I go, even if it is about my Occupational Therapy, LOL.

I totally am against writing anything negative about your spouse online. It is disrespectful and you are right...get a divorce so the other party can find someone much better!

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