10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

back blog

i've been running, on average, at least a day behind on posts. i've been putting down notes as drafts and then coming back to them at varying intervals for a while now. however i always use the daily weight. i've got something consistent anyway.

i said i was going to talk more about the new scale, ta dah! the scale it is fickle. and not just because i'm in denial. every time i step on it i get a different number. they usually vary by a pound or a half, sometimes two. it's just weird. i debated averaging the weights but for vanity's sake i just take the lowest one. sometimes i recalibrate the old one for a double check. a double check with no basis in reality, but a double check none the less.

i'm trying to decide whether or not to return it. i gotta say the numbers aren't doing much for me. however, i am wearing a skirt that i bought last year and i think it fits better now than it did then. i'm planning to pester the boyfriend later to take pictures. i think i'd get a better idea of progress if i kept pictures to compare. i don't think tracking the numbers is enough. my body is changing so much more than is reflected on the scale.


Rebecca said...


thats funny that you say that about pictures.

i was in the 130's once and i can't even remember what I look like. but i remember i thought i was still fat. shoot, can you believe that? i can't. i must have been crazy. i'm really focusing now on how i look. it's actually somewhat obsessive, but when i do finally reach goal, i want to be able to remember where ive come from. now whether that is doable just by memory alone, i don't know, but i definately don't want to reach goal and think i'm still fat.

what scale did you get?

Amy said...

i got the taylor electric one, 20 bucks at target. today it was totally consistent. AT 190.5!!!