10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


i bought some new exercise duds this weekend, along with the scale(more about the scale later). i've been trying not to spend too much money on anything fitness related just in case i fall off the wagon but i decided that one set really just wasn't enough. while the increasing malodorousness* is a good measure of my progress, it's also pretty gross. so i went to target and got some new stuff. i would never have thought it would cost so much, and i bought clearance.**

i always feel like such a dork in the athletic wear section. it's ridiculous because firstly i was in target, it's just not worth the effort and secondly it's the chubby girls that need to be athletic, so why should i feel like i don't belong?

they must pruposely engineer those departments to make you feel insane. i'm sure they paid that one woman who was singing while looking at the hot pink sports bras.*** they want you to pick something and leave before you realize what crap the quality is. and also, everything was capri. i don't need to be that stylish while i'm sweating my ass off. i assume i look like a flushed pink skinned, hair mussed, fat girl in sweatpants. capri sweatpants aren't going to make a dent.

but i still bought something, because i'm not willing to sacrifice my other clothes. i got a sleeveless shirt that isn't horrible and some pants that are too long but were half price. i tried them on when i got home to see what they really look like, store mirrors aren't to be trusted. i liked them enough to cut the tags and i've been wearing them for a few days. i find myself making strong man poses in the mirror whenever i put them on. maybe exercise clothes do affect one's personality?

*expensive education not wasted on me.
**we went to dick's later and i realized that i could have easily spent three times as much on half the stuff i got. we're in the wrong business folks.
***it is an undeniable fact that a sportsbra does not inspire song, especially hot pink.


Jennette Fulda said...

Does anyone look good in capri pants? They hit right at the thickest part of your leg, which only makes you look shorter and squatter. All capri pants should be burned! Burned, I say!

Amy said...

the new koolots (sp?) are even worse, over grown shorts. i just don't get it.

Rebecca said...

ok..I must confess...I L.O.V.E. athletic gear...I think it's the only thing that looks decent on me. Plus, I don't get all stressed out if I buy an XL. Whereas, I TOTALLY freak out if I buy anything over a size 14.

I agree though. It's insanely overpriced! Especially if you buy PUMA, ADIDAS, or NIKE. I solely stick to clearance racks.

You can get great steals at Dicks, you just have to go there frequently and have plenty of time on your hands. I once bought a pair of Nike yoga pants (I don't even do yoga!) for 12 bucks!

Amy said...

what kills me most just now is that i could be getting northface and columbia stuff really cheap because all the stores are clearing winter stuff...but who knows how fat i'll be next winter?