10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

186, or 190 or i don't know

the scale has been miscalibrated. for probably a long time. i don't know how long because i can't see it all that well. maybe i need new glasses, some light ones. i only noticed because i picked it up and it was set to a pound below zero. has it been like that a long time or did i do it by picking it up? dunno. when i re-weighed myself after fixing it i was 190. does that mean i've lost only 6 pounds? or should i assume that it's always been broken and still is not accurate. probably i shouldn't be this upset about a scale that i paid $4.97 for at target. i felt so much more accomplished when i thought i'd lost 10 pounds. but then earlier this week i gained and lost 2 pounds in two days and probably that wasn't what really happened.

i'm trying to really focus on how much better i've felt physically since i started all this. i can keep up with the boyfriend walking his property and i no longer cringe at the though of taking a walk that lasts all day. surely that's more important than the numbers on a broken scale.

actually, i'm most upset about having to buy a new scale. i sort of knew at the time that buying a five dollar scale probably wasn't a good idea. but knowing myself i figured i'd give up and not use it ever and just keep eating cookies all day. so i proved myself wrong at the cost of only five dollars and a tiny bit of my sanity.

so i guess i need a new scale. maybe ten dollars.

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