10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

why it's stupid to jog in maine in the winter, or re-stating the obvious

you know why it's stupid to jog outside in maine in the winter, because it's COLD. it's so cold in fact that when you get up early to go for a jog and you slip on the ice and land on your ass. and if bruising your backside isn't punishment enough YOUR UNGLOVED HAND STICKS TO THE ICE. AHHHH. i can't think of the right words to convey that kind of horror. the horror of realizing that your flesh is stuck to the ground. and then you have to pull it off. ARGH.

and so tonight i am going to buy new gloves. my mittens are too hot to run in and clearly running gloveless is no longer an option. i'm considering buying another new scale, a digital one. i'm worried if i buy a new one the weigh-ins will be more accurate and i'm really enjoying the imaginary weightloss. i'd hate to wake up to the fact that probably i weigh alot more than i think i do. while blissful ignorance is not a key to success, sometimes it makes progress possible. atleast for me it does. as long as i think i'm getting somewhere i have the will to keep going.

the will to keep going this week is the tiny loss of one pound. hey, a loss is a loss. i know i haven't made the best choices this week. i've been really stressed out and i'm just trying to limit the damage. every time i choose water over one of the two cokes left in my fridge it's a victory. i'd feel better about it if i could keep up the exercise. so since pastaqueen found a good pilates dvd i'm thinking about giving it a try. i need something i can do indoors so i don't feel like i'm wimping out when it's too cold. to that end i'm also thinking about buying a yoga mat when i'm out this evening. i've been having a really difficult time dedicating the funds to this weightloss venture. i have to remember that it's ok to spend money to take care of myself.


PastaQueen said...

Hey! I saw you asked about what DVD I got over on my blog, but I thought I'd answer here. I got the Pilates - Beginning Mat Workout with Ana Caban and liked it a lot. She's friendly without being overly perky or annoying. They also have another girl do modified versions of the harder exercises. Good luck!

Amy said...

thanks! i keep buying crappy ones that i can't dedicate myself to. and modified versions is a VERY good thing.