10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lo unto the misery of gaining 3 pounds

188. stupid on sale oreos. weak weak weak. and then i stopped whining. i knew i'd be fatter because i was slacking, cause and effect. i shall not be faint hearted as i walked a mile and a half this morning with some good uphillness and it was really nice actually. i forget how good i feel when i get up and do something as opposed to slinking out of bed after hitting the snooze 8 times. endorfins.

i don't think the julia child cookbook is what i need at this stage. she has a recipe for croissants that takes 10-12 hours and has a ratio of 1:1 flour and butter. i'm sure it's excellent but DEAR GOD the butter. you roll each layer into a spreading of butter. i may never be able to eat a croissant again thinking of all that butter. i'll have to start drinking wine and practicing socialism if i want to eat that much butter and not die of heart disease at 29.

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