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Monday, March 13, 2006

fat girl picnic

it was a very bad weekend for eating, but a very good weekend for enjoying life. it was beautiful and i feel like i did so much. we ate out way more than we usually do (due both to diet and budget, ahem) and it was great. i wasn't worried about the food because we walked our arses off aswell. on saturday i did the hill part of my walk twice in a row and again backwards because it's supposed to work different muscles. it sure as hell did. my muscles weren't sore at all until i walked up backwards and half as slow. i'll have to keep doing that but very early so i don't get run over (i should mention that the hill leads to a retirement village so there aren't a whole lot of cars at 6:30 AM except for that guy who drops his mom off at daycare...so sad).

on sunday we walked up to his house lot again, but with less falling. without the snow you can see how many animals are up there and how many of them are coyotes. i was thinking when we moved there i could exercise on those roads but i just don't have coyotes in my plan. i did however decide to join the gym this summer when we move. the boyfriend arrives at work at around 6:30. if i commute with him, i'll be here that early too. i could run in the park, but then i'd be all gross with nowhere to get ungross. unless i join the gym, equipt with showers and treadmills for bad weather and a pool i might be able to swim in if there's no one else there at that hour(fat phobia still apparent). and i would have nothing else to do every morning. it could be really good. except for the money. but the gym is worthwile spending right. an investment in my health. right.

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