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Monday, March 06, 2006

3.5 miles, uphill both ways

yesterday we hiked 3 and a half miles up the boyfriend's mountain (literally) so he could show me where he wants to build his house. it's very beautiful. and it will have the world's longest driveway. i'm quite proud that i made it up without too much huffing and puffing. i was really worried that i'd want to whine the whole time and be a pain in the ass but actually it was fine and i don't feel too broken today. i'm very relieved and a bit proud of myself for getting through as well as i did.

i should have started off the week with a jog this morning, since the hike didn't kill me, but it was snowing. and now it's gorgeous. odds on it starts to snow right when i take my lunch walk and then clears up in time to get back to work. it figures that it only starts to snow when we're so close to spring. ARGH!

in other news i bought some new weights. i had some 5 pound ones that i could lift in college, when i had a part time job digging ponds and carry 40 gallons of water to and fro all afternoon. now that i am old and out of shape i bought some 2 pounders to build up slowly. i'm really excited about it actually. i've been realizing how much strength i've lost since college and it's really sad. it does explain why i could eat like i did and maintain my size 12. so, i'm adding weights to my running and walking. and i've placed pastaqueen's pilates dvd on the top of my netflix queue so i can give it a test run. if it's half as good as she says it'll be worth it. i'm off to work on my weekly menu. i just got my new julia child cookbook but i have the feeling most of the recipes are going to be a little rich for the dieter's blood. but basic tips are always worth the reading. more on the cookbook later if it's any good.

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