10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, March 17, 2006


this morning i tried to weigh myself eithout the aid of my glasses, BAD IDEA. did i think it would make me lighter? i don't know but it was completely useless as i am too blind to read numbers from 5'6" away.

i didn't go out this morning, and still my legs hurt? i haven't actually decided to make friday an off day but the shin splints are starting to get worse so i might take a day off per week. if i make it fridays maybe i'll be able to do more on a saturday when i have more time without making the legs fall off. i wouldn't want to lose them now they're getting so muscle-toned. where as last week the new and improved booty was getting all the attention, this week it's all about thighs. the boyfriend is obsessed with my leg muscles. i keep telling him he should go out with me in the mornings but he insists he'll never be as muscled as i am. he says my arm muscles are bigger than his too but it's difficult to tell under all the fat.

i found a few other pairs of pants i haven't been wearing due to the tightness and most of them fit better now. many of my favorite jeans were "shrunk" in the wash and i felt way too fat wearing them even after lunges. some of them are still too tight so maybe they did shrink. i guess i should be glad they buttoned but they were desperately close to popping seams before and now i can wear them. i'll be really happy when i have to buy a smaller size but i'm really trying not to think about that yet. i'm not losing nearly enough to be buying clothes yet. but i can keep up with the boyfriend and not wheeze pathetically when we walk. mark of improvement.

there's been no more secret eating. it was fairly ridiculous. i live alone, the boyfriend is only over a few nights a week. i can eat whatever i want most of the time and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW. it's probably really good that i was as poor as i was because i couldn't afford to get alot of takeout and junkfood. poverty as diet aid. unfortunately it means you buy alot of budget value pasta and eat it every night. cheap yes, healthy no. i still can't stop buying on sale pasta, only now i dump it in the food pantry cart before i leave the store. they're always doing pasta drives for the food pantries. i feel like maybe they should collect stuff with more nutrition but i can't say i don't understand why they collect pasta. the number one choice of the poor and hungry.

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