10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

way off track this weekend. but then my brother's probably getting committed. he's always been...well...not ok. he was diagnosed schizophrenic a couple years ago but since mom died it's been really bad. the voices aren't nice voices and they make him think the neighbors want to kill him and tell him to take all of his pills at once. at least in the hospital he can't hurt himself or take any pre-emptive strikes on the neighbors, but damn am i stressed out. and it made me not remember goals and good choices and things like that. i was back on track for dinner last night and i have a nice healthy lunch today, i'm just a little pissed at myself for the severity of the setback. one piece of birthday cake, acceptable. adding a chocolate croissant and another 1/4 of the second birthday cake could be considered excessive.

i forgot to weigh this morning to see the damage, but while i was home i used my dad's scale and it had me at 203. while i was a ridiculous food whore this weekend, i refuse to believe that i gained 7 pounds over my highest weight. obviously the scale is wrong*. i also didn't get off my arse all weekend, unless you count cleaning out my room and swearing at massachusetts drivers as exercise.

on the upside i'm all ready for my walk at lunchtime and (unless it snows ALOT) for a run/walk tomorrow morning. i felt so good friday about making a stab at the running again, i just have to remember how great i felt afterward tomorrow at 6:30 AM. if it snows alot i guess i'll just shovel for half an hour. it's certainly a sweaty activity if that counts for anything.

*patented trade-make excuse

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