10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

i had everything set up and pink, and something has gone wrong. terribly wrong. alas. there's plenty of time to work on the pink. what's more important at the moment is to document why i'm starting a new blog. and that why is because i do not want to catalogue how i feel about weight and dieting and food at the other blog. it is currently suffering for content but i really think it's because what i want to talk about i don't want to talk about there. i have wonderful friends and readers who would no doubt be supportive about the fat thing and probably empathetic. but it's just not what i want.
i suppose i want the secret fat thing that's all the rage with weightloss blogs. it's documentably (did i make up that word?) ironic to try to hide such an outwardly obvious thing. but it's personal too. and private. maybe one day i'll cross link. maybe one day when i've lost 20 pounds and it'll be so much more intellectual rather than painful and depressing. one hopes...

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